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Unified in One Coin — Simplified in One Click

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As Defi & NFTs continue their meteoric rise in the world, more rich and complex financial tools are becoming available to the everyday user. While access to these tools is invaluable, the complexities facing each user act as a deterrent, which ultimately slows down the momentum of the Defi movement. So what if you could partake in all facets of today’s vast DeFiscape and maximize profits, all with minimal time and effort? What if you could integrate not only the more traditional aspects of DeFi, but also current innovations like NFTs, synthetics, and more? ROVER unifies the entire DeFi/NFT experience in one single coin, and streamlines the process down to a single click. With ROVER alone, users can now take advantage of all that Defi has to offer.

Innovation Stack

Creating a platform that could handle all the many aspects of DeFi under one umbrella required that we build an exchange, money market, yield aggregator, and more. We called this ambitious project our Innovation Stack. Rover combines every facet of Defi & NFTs into a Unified and All-Inclusive ecosystem built to maximize user profit flow with the least friction. Built on the very best financial tools in crypto, Rover’s Innovation Stack is the most ambitious form of “Money Lego” architecture yet in DeFi.

Introducing RoverFetch — One-Click Defi

Fetches Rover at the Best Price by splitting the buy from our own RoverSwap and our LGE, to reduce slippage while automatically pooling, staking, and compounding APY for you.

This innovative Fetch agent aligns incentives as the team has no tokens to dump on the market, but instead earn from the tokens they provide during an ongoing LGE. Every BNB sent to Fetch buys ROVER with half of the BNB, and the two tokens are deposited together into RoverSwap’s Liquidity Mining (LM) Program automatically.

Swap: Fetches Rover from RoverSwap, built on top Uniswap & Pancake, with our additional Defi technology for partnerships and innovation stack integration

Pool: Fetches the Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens from our Rover/BNB pool

Stake: Fetches LM Rewards by staking the LP tokens for you automatically, earning a minimum of 1200% APY guaranteed.

Compound: Fetches APY from APR. Ensure optimal APY as Rover stakes your claimable tokens to compound APR.

Hunt Yield: Fetch maximized yield DAO strategies

RoverFetch employs the full power of the Innovation Stack for total Defi & NFT yield.

RoverSwap — Partners Welcome

Our very own DEX, RoverSwap integrates the power of Uniswap and Pancake with our innovative Partners Program, incentivizing a flow of long-term liquidity and profit to contributing partners and users. This program incentivizes growth of the Rover ecosystem through an enthusiastic community of Defi Partners.

When you list your coin on RoverSwap, you essentially become a partner. The 0.05% transaction fees are split between Rover and the partnering coin, allowing partners to offer APY to users in Rover, and share in Rover’s earnings.

Buy & stake x% of Rover to redirect x% of Rover’s platform revenue.

50% of contributor earnings goes to Rover. The contributor can have its own LD. Rover helps with operations.

RoverHouse — Yield Aggregator

ROVER’s vault strategies automate maximum yield using RoverHunt strategies. New hunting strategies are voted into RoverHouse by ROVER token holders, thus incentivizing holding positions and increasing demand for ROVER.

RoverDao — Governance

ROVER is being created to uphold the principles of Defi. Holders of the ROVER token thus become part of the decentralized governing organization RoverDao, which makes decisions on behalf of the protocol.

Unity Substack

The real potential for personal financial freedom in DeFi lies in the free flow and exchange of all kinds of valuable assets and commodities, including newer classes such as NFTs. ROVER’s Unity Substack — consisting of Money Markets, Synthetics, NFT platforms, L2 games and derivatives, and more — opens the window to a vast horizon of possibilities by creating a multi-dimensional unified marketplace.

RoverGib — Borrow/Lend

Rover’s Money Market protocol RoverGib expands the playing field to include borrowing and lending on a myriad of DeFi assets. Like Aave, Maker, and Compound, RoverGib creates markets for various assets. Lenders earn interest on otherwise idle crypto assets, while Borrowers can take out collateralized loans or employ flash loans for various positioning and leveraging strategies. RoverGib also becomes the first pillar in a substack of platforms which facilitates complete integration of assets, commodities, NFTs and more.

RoverOne — Synthetics Mirror Maker

Whereas Money Markets are somewhat limited in the types of assets that can be exchanged or borrowed against, RoverOne expands opportunities by taking in more inputs and offering more outputs, such as synthetics, mirror derivatives, inverses and commodities.

RoverNFT — Bridge DeFi and NFT

The current explosion of NFTs in the marketplace has created the first real gateway between mainstream everyday people and the heretofore esoteric and somewhat self-enclosed world of decentralized finance. With this comes unprecedented potential for growth in Defi, as capital floods into the space from new outside sources. RoverNFT creates the bridge which allows users to bring their NFTs seamlessly into the Defi space and put them into play as valuable financial assets via the many facets of ROVER, while also providing its own Marketplace, game platform, and original NFTs.

RoverChains — Luna BSC ETH L2 Integration

RoverChains integrates blockchain ecosystems to bring a superior experience for users with faster transaction times and lower fees for Defi, while bridging NFT assets, art, collectables, & game items into the DeFi marketplace. This synergy amplifies the market for DEXs, derivatives, and more, which feeds back to drive even more capital into this already booming sector of decentralized finance.


Supply: 1Q Max

Over 50% Burned

Team Wallets Burned

No Admin Keys

5% Reflection earnings per TX

5% Liquidity Locking per TX

1% Burns per TX

1% DAO funds per TX

Utility & Tokenomics

ROVER Token has the combined utility & revenue of all the Defi & NFT platforms that Rover offers, from its own TLV & versions of Uniswap, Yearn, Aave, Synthetix, Mirror, Maker, Luna, BSC, ETH, L2 DEX, derivatives & games, bridging Defi & NFTs

Liquidity Mining (LM)

1200%+ APY guaranteed minimum for monthly locked farms.

5x Time Bonus. Early LM earns up to 400% extra over 30 days.

Liquidity Generation Event (LGE)

25% of the 100M supply goes to LGE

25% goes to Liquidity Mining (LM)

50% goes to the DAO for it use by vote. It may, e.g., issue additional LM, burn tokens, form partnerships, and incentivize additional developments

The founding team continues to be incentivized to improve the platform with the ongoing 25% LGE that RoverFetch uses to split purchase 50/50 with Swap for lower slippage, until the 25% runs out, or is burned by the DAO

Limited Supply. Only 1k BNB (~5 BTC worth) is available at the lowest price

Rover.Capital - DeFi Innovation Stack