ROVER adds Static and HODL Rewards to its Defi/NFT Stack

· With every transaction:

5% Reflection Rewards to every holder wallet
5% Goes to pool as ownerless, Locked Liquidity

· World’s First: Reflection + Hodl Rewards

· Stake without Impermanent Loss

· 3x Hodl APY multiplier

· Pico Cap <$18k

As new DeFi projects follow current trends, most tend to…

Unified in One Coin — Simplified in One Click

First Learn About our Unique Token HERE

As Defi & NFTs continue their meteoric rise in the world, more rich and complex financial tools are becoming available to the everyday user. While access to these tools is invaluable, the complexities facing each user act as a deterrent, which ultimately slows…


Rover.Capital - DeFi Innovation Stack

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