RTR — Rover TX Rewards token earns on every transaction & dapp in DeFi & NFT stack, with no imp loss & hodl compounding APY

DeFi & NFT Metaverse with Rovflection & Staking

Rover is a DeFi & NFT metaverse complete with markets, funds & games platform with community created worlds & chains in a decentralized metaverse.

Rover tokenomics offers Rovflection (token rewards per transaction) and staking with auto compounding hodl APY rewards and no impermanent loss.

Rover therefore combines both the best…

Rover is a DeFi & NFT innovation stack earning holders every transaction, staking w no imp loss, & hodl compounding APY


First learn about our unique token &platform overview HERE

Platform in more Detail

As Defi & NFTs continue their meteoric rise in the world with the now sprawling metaverse, more rich and complex financial tools are becoming available to the everyday user. While access to these tools is invaluable, the complexities facing each user…


Rover.Capital - DeFi Innovation Stack

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